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Perfect Heel in 1-Hour

Perfect Heel in 1-Hour

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About this Course

Welcome to "Perfect Heel in 1 Hour," your comprehensive guide to transforming your dog's leash walking behavior in just one hour. This course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and techniques needed to teach your dog to walk perfectly at your heel, fostering a harmonious and enjoyable walking experience. Purchase grants you 90 day access.

Course Overview

Lesson 1: Understanding the Problem

Discover the common issues related to walking your dog, such as leash pulling and its impact on your relationship. Learn about loose leash walking and the definition of a perfect heel. We delve into how dogs learn, focusing on operant conditioning and balanced training techniques, and explain why dogs pull and how to correct this behavior.

Lesson 2: Implementing the Solution

This lesson introduces the specific techniques to achieve a perfect heel, emphasizing proper leash pressure, building engagement, and effective communication. You'll learn to use leash pops correctly and understand the philosophy behind correcting pulling behavior while encouraging your dog's attention and engagement.

Lesson 3: Mastering Loose Leash Walking

The goal of this lesson is to ensure your dog walks with a loose leash and maintains engagement with you. You'll practice techniques such as sudden u-turns, stops, and sporadic walking to build engagement.

Lesson 4: Achieving the Perfect Heel

In the final lesson you'll focus on teaching your dog to walk directly by your left heel, paying close attention to you. Watch our video demonstrations to see each technique in action and learn how to apply them effectively.

Key Benefits

  • Quick Results: Achieve noticeable improvements in just one hour.
  • Balanced Training: Use a combination of positive and negative reinforcement to shape behavior.
  • Practical Techniques: Learn actionable steps and tips to implement during your daily walks.
  • Consistent Communication: Develop clear and consistent expectations for your dog.

Why This Course?

Teaching your dog to heel perfectly transforms walks into a pleasant and stress-free activity. This course empowers you with the tools and knowledge to correct pulling behavior, ensuring your dog walks calmly by your side. Start your journey to a perfect heel today and enjoy the lasting benefits of a well-behaved and engaged dog.

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